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Why Would You Write a Business Plan?

I’m sure you have heard that part of a business is a business plan, but why? You can understand why the big retailers would need one, after all they are working in big bucks, but why would a small, often one man show, bother? In the end, it comes down to whether or not you […]

Discover Handmade January 3

Welcome to Discover Handmade January 3 Hello Friends and Happy New Year! Did I hear someone ask, “What is Discover Handmade?” Well, I am a Blog Contributor (click here for more information) and Discover Handmade is an article I submit to HA to help promote you (the artist), your products, and your shop. I also […]

Your Business Card

Hello, So you’ve made a sale and sent a happy customer off with their wonderful handmade item. Now what? How will that customer get in touch with you if they need or want to return for another purchase? How will they tell their friends about the wonderful shop from which they purchase their item? Your […]


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