Featured Artist Chris of CTCosta Photography

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, right? Easier said than done, though I have found an amazing artist who did just that and found a renewed love for an old passion. Chris Costa lives in beautiful Broomall, Pennsylvania with his wife and four children who range in age from 1 to 17. When […]

Featured Artist MJRushing Fine Art Photography

What is the best advice that Marijane Rushing received from her father regarding life:”If you weren’t doing what you love, you were doing the wrong thing.” Amazing motto to live by no matter what your passion! Marijane has always been an artist of one sort or another, starting out with stick figures in kindergarten and […]

Berrylicious – Colour Inspiration

Part three in my colour inspiration series, this post features some snaps of hedgerow berries. This first sampling simply delights me, not least because every shade sampled by Lets Chip It from this image is one I that I can imagine as lip-smackingly friuty tinted lip balm. Looking at this delicious array of feminine colours […]

What are Your Pictures Saying About Your Work

A picture is worth a thousand words. Truer words were never spoken especially when you are trying to sell your hard work online. Nobody is saying that amazing pictures are easy, you just have to spend a few minutes in most any craft/sales forum and you will find a thread about how to improve their […]

Election Season: Lessons in Art and Marketing

It’s election season and it’s everywhere… on bus benches and vehicles; on TV and radio; in newspapers and all over the web. I think the phrase, pandemic marketing, could apply to the political rhetoric bombarding all of us. And with the recent Supreme Court decision to allow PACs (Political Action Committee) to advertise and promote […]

It’s Just a Photograph – Photography Tips for Selling Online

I wrote a post not long ago entitled The Reality of Selling Online. In that post, one of the realities I mentioned is that “You will need to be the Ansel Adams of handmade to sell your work online.” What makes Ansel Adams photographs so wonderful and how does this relate to selling arts and […]

Basic Photography Part Three

Now that you can set your camera and adjust the settings (try different settings and take multiple pictures of the same piece), you want to have other items so you can take the picture in focus and be able to duplicate your environment every time. To do this you need four basic items: lamps, backdrop, […]

Camera Basics Part Deux

Several settings on the camera need to be set manually to get the most from your camera. In the menu there are settings for focus, lighting, and pixel usage. Set the focus for center spot, this will produce a circle in the center of the view screen to aim at the spot on your piece […]

Photography Basics — The Camera
Rasmussen Ring

Cameras are divided into two basic types: Point and Shoot and Single Lens Reflex. These are described below. I use a Point and Shoot type made by Kodak. While it does not have all the features and versatility of the Single Lens Reflex camera, the price was right for me. When working with film, I […]

Picture It…Then Sell It
glass dome earrings

Selling online is a wonderful way to increase your market beyond the local boutiques and arts and crafts shows. You can show off your hard work to a world wide audience and have the fun of shipping your creations across the globe. But before you grab those packing boxes and peanuts, you have to take […]


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