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Berrylicious – Colour Inspiration

Part three in my colour inspiration series, this post features some snaps of hedgerow berries. This first sampling simply delights me, not least because every shade sampled by Lets Chip It from this image is one I that I can imagine as lip-smackingly friuty tinted lip balm.

Looking at this delicious array of feminine colours somehow instills in me the desire to be rebellious. If they were nail polish I’d paint ever digit a different shade. If they were pressed powder eye-shadow the temptation to dip fingers in and swipe streaks across a blank page would, no doubt, prove irresistible!

My second colour collection conjures up a somewhat more traditional idea of a British hedgerow. This palette of strong bold colours has a slightly softer edge lent to it by the inclusion of a gentle pastel green in the mix. This selection feels ever so festive to me because scarlet and deep green together are linked so strongly in my mind with boughs of holly.

If you use select a colour palette as the primary inspiration for your designs I’d love to hear more about your creative process.

Jo x

Written by Kitzbitz Art Beads



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