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When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, right? Easier said than done, though I have found an amazing artist who did just that and found a renewed love for an old passion.

Lovely Road Photgraph

Chris Costa lives in beautiful Broomall, Pennsylvania with his wife and four children who range in age from 1 to 17. When he is not out with his camera or in his studio you can find him spending time with his loving family, playing sports or chillin out at Starbucks!

Chris came from an artistic family with a father who worked as a commercial artist and two sisters who were graced with the ability to draw and paint. When he was about 7 his father gave him his first camera and photography quickly became a wonderful hobby but not his business until much later.

Flower photographyAfter working as an automotive master technician for over 20 years as well as in his Father’s art studio, Chris suffered a car accident which resulted in serious injuries.  He was forced to leave his auto tech job and began work for an automotive company, writing technical articles and doing photography for their publications.  During this time, Chris began hiking as a form of physical therapy and found many photo opportunities along the way.  As he put it, photography along these hikes went from an afterthought to an opportunity.  His love for the outdoors and nature captured through his lens led him to leave his office life and begin his own business.

While he was not blessed with the same drawing and painting ability as his sisters, he was graced with an eye for color and design….maybe his father knew this when he gave Chris his first camera at 7 years old?  Rather than attempt to paint the images in his head, he found a way to capture the beauty through his lens and loves to share this with others through his work.  He did not do it alone, however, and Chris advises anyone that is interested in selling their own handmade art to do their research into their chosen medium and see what they are getting into as well as to seek out advice from a mentor.  One must also understand that the art business is full of ups and downs so artists must explore various opportunities to market themselves to find what works for them.

Landscape photographyAre you ready to see what this automotive tech turned professional photographer is able to capture through his lens?  You can find his work on Handmade Artists as well as on his own portfolio website and Etsy.  You can follow his work on Facebook and Twitter.  If you are fortunate enough to live in the North-East, you may also be able to see Chris’s work in person at one of the many shows he does around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland!


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