Stupid Laws – Alabama
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All around the country you could be breaking the law and not even know it! The funniest part? Lawmakers had to sit down, write up the law, and get it passed at some point! In honor of these nutty ordinances, I present to you some handmade treasures inspired by Ice Cream to highlight Alabama’s law […]

Featured Artist The Bead Muse

Sometimes life happens and when it does, it can drag you down or set you on a new path of creativity. Such is the case of Califia, a stay at home mom who had put her creativity on the back burner until a leg injury left her searching for something to do! Right after hurting […]

A Journey from Rock to Jewelry

About two months ago, a man contacted a local brick and mortar jewelry store. He walked in with a 20 pound rock. He asked the bench jeweler what it was. The jeweler said, that he did not know how to identify a rock, but he knew someone who could help him. So I got a […]

Featured Artist Cliff of Micro Pendants
micro pendant

Usually, you glance at a piece of jewelry and see pretty much all there is to see, right? Not so with this talented artisan’s work. Cliff is a multitalented man who always has a variety of irons in the fire. When he is not working on his amazing jewelry, he can be found doing computer […]

Featured Artist Anna of Glass Works

“Go for it! If not now, when? Remember to tell yourself if it’s going to be, it’s up to me!” Wonderful words of encouragement to any artist out there wondering if they should jump into selling their own handmade work from the talented Anna of GlassWorks! Anna was an artist from the start, winning first […]

Discover Handmade June 21

Hello everyone and welcome to Discover Handmade for June 21, 2013. While I was searching around the shops this week I started thinking about the definition of ‘Artist’. What is an artist? A creator, a designer, a skilled crafter, a person who expresses themselves through a medium, an innovator. Hmmm…..Something to think about. Now…..please take […]

Happy World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day! A day where we celebrate all things turtle! If you can’t go appreciate a turtle personally, may I suggest that you just appreciate these amazing handmade creations from some of the gifted artists on! Turtle Stone Pendant Necklace on Quartz Want to show your love of turtles with amazing style? Easy […]

Featured Artist Quentin of Lunar Skies

“I’ve made more money in the past, but I’ve never been happier than I am now.” What a wonderful quote from a husband, father and grandfather that found his passion in the handmade world! Quentin showed an artistic side from early on, working in a career as a graphic artist, but said that trying to […]

Featured Artist Alixandra of The Alchemists Vessel

Crayons, play-doh, painting, knitting, anything to keep her hands moving; this is how Alixandra describes herself from the very beginning. Born and raised in sunny San Francisco,California; Alixandra spent her childhood surrounded by the wonderful art of the area whether is was going to the Japanese Tea Garden or the California Academy of Sciences or […]

Featured Artist ColettesBoutique
montana wire wrapped necklace

There is a special gift that allows some people to combine different types of gemstones and silver in a way that is absolute perfection in every way, jewelry that does not scream look at me! Yet you can not help but notice because of the intricate elegance. Colette is one of those special people who […]


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