Happy World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day! A day where we celebrate all things turtle! If you can’t go appreciate a turtle personally, may I suggest that you just appreciate these amazing handmade creations from some of the gifted artists on HandmadeArtists.com!

HAF Turtle

Turtle Stone Pendant Necklace on Quartz

etched turtle quartz pendant

Want to show your love of turtles with amazing style? Easy with this amazing pendant from AlgriumEngranving.  Amazing stylized turtle engraved flawlessly on a piece of clear Quartz, ready for you to wear day or night.  Not a jewelry person but still love this work?  This shop is loaded with beautiful engravings on everything from water bottles, to mug, to shot glasses done in intricate designs that must be seen to be believed.

Bohemian gypsy handbag Fringed leather handbag with beaded turtle totem

turtle totem leather bag handmade

Thunder Rose Leather brings to you an amazing way to show off your love of turtles with style!  This amazing bag is large enough to hold all your necessities without looking like you are lugging a suitcase.  Why have a bag that looks like everyone elses when you can have a bag that reflects your style done in leather by and expert?

Knitted Green Turtle Toy

Knitted Turtle

Who says that turtles can’t be cute and cuddly?  This darling knitted turtle proves them wrong.  From the amazing needles of Toy Box by Flame of Silver, this little guy is just waiting to be loved.  If you are not looking for a turtle, this shop has a variety of critters looking for forever homes that suit any love.

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