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Featured Artist Quentin of Lunar Skies

Sterling Silver Pendant“I’ve made more money in the past, but I’ve never been happier than I am now.” What a wonderful quote from a husband, father and grandfather that found his passion in the handmade world!

Quentin showed an artistic side from early on, working in a career as a graphic artist, but said that trying to meet the demands of clients is not the same as creating for yourself.  After leaving the graphics arts field, found time to play golf, pitch horseshoes and read…all the things he said he would never do when he got old!  Quentin met a friend who let him apprentice as a metalsmith and he has never looked back.  He discovered the joy of working in metals and stone and sees each piece as a mini-sculpture.  He loves the challenge of getting the image he dreams up to become a reality.

Handmade Silver RingAs his skills improved, Quentin launched Lunarskies, and with the help of his lovely wife, a new jewelry business was born.  Quentin readily admits that the business side is not his favorite, but would much rather be creating than posting, which is where his wife jumps in.  In addition to assisting with design work, she creates treasuries and collection as well as posts his work and helps with promotion.  The couple has done a few craft shows, though they found that this might not be the best market for their work, and has sold to galleries for wholesale.  They are always looking for new ways to get their designs into new customer’s hands and have even offered discounts to repeat customers as a thank you!

Handmade Silver RingsQuentin found that custom order work is another wonderful avenue for his creativity.  He enjoys working with customers to get their visions out and the personal connection that comes with creating one of a kind pieces that have a story and a meaning.

Quentin is very encouraging to others that are looking to get into the handmade marketplace and tells them to “have the courage to create, but have the patience too.”  He warns that there is a lot of hard work involved in owning, creating and running your own business and to get found and develop a following among so many talented artisans.  His trick, to take great photos (guess his background in graphic art helps him out afterall!) and always treat your customers well as they will remember you the next time.

Sterling Silver Handmade PendantWhere can you see the work of this talented grandfather?  Well, LunarSkies is easy to find on HandmadeArtists as well as his own Website.  You can check out his Etsy shop and Artfire shop and follow his work on Facebook and his Blog.

Quentin’s designs are elegant and smooth, definitely pieces of wearable art that you have to see believe.

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