Shop Small and Handmade!

Please excuse me while I hop onto my soap box for a bit. We Americans buy a lot of gifts.I watched the frenzy throughout the year, whether it was Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and on and on.It’s year-round and endless – so many people buy things they don’t actually need with money they […]

Creating Holiday-Specific Items – Good or Bad Idea?
Doll Elizabeth Close

The holidays are upon us. As small business owners, we are all thinking of what might sell during the holidays, and possibly considering offering handmade, holiday specific pieces. Is this a good or bad idea? There is really no definitive answer to that question. There are both rewards and pitfalls to creating holiday-specific items, so […]

Holiday Decorating – Hand Made

  I love the Holidays!!! I love the colors, the smells, the music, the laughter, and, of course, the food. What I love most of all, though, is the decorating. Every year I buy, or make, one or two new ornaments, one or two new pieces of kitschy Holiday jewelry. My Christmas tree has become […]

Tis the Season?

It’s October 30th; time to think of pumpkins, trick or treaters, and that oh so lovely fall nip to the air. The summer is barely two weeks behind us, the winter still weeks away. So why, then, has my local dollar store started putting up Christmas displays? Actually the displays started going up here in […]

Resounding Rounds

Remember when you were little and your music teacher had you sing in rounds? No problem in theory, until you try to get a group of young children to do it! Now that we are older this should not be too much of a problem and today is the day to try it out. Welcome […]

Dates to remember – for 2013

One thing I have always had trouble with in having an on-line shop is planning ahead. But that is the name of the game, so I thought I would share important dates for the coming year so we can all have a successful 2013. First up, birthdays…everyone has them whether we like it or not, […]

Fabric Covered Candle Tutorial

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, I thought I would share this quick and easy tutorial for decorating a simple candle. These make creative, affordable gifts and can be coordinated with anyone’s decor, or use a bit of holiday fabric to spruce up your holiday decor. Find a candle shape and size that you like. […]


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