Resounding Rounds

Remember when you were little and your music teacher had you sing in rounds? No problem in theory, until you try to get a group of young children to do it! Now that we are older this should not be too much of a problem and today is the day to try it out. Welcome to Rounds Resounding Day! A day when we take all those beloved sing songy songs and sing them in rounds. Sing them in tune, the decorative guitar doesn’t have tuners and real strings. If you are looking for those real ones, has quality information you can use to decide which one to get.

HAF Rounds Resounding

100 custom handcrafted sheetmusic background wedding invitation suites customizable to fit your style

handmade invitation

Music is such an important part of any wedding…from picking out what song the bride will walk to to choosing that all important first dance.  Why not let your love of music show in your invitations?  PlatinumDesigns has got you covered with this fully customizable invitations that will surely make your invitations as unique as you are.

Dancing Piano Necklace

Piano Necklace

How about showing off your love of music any time of day with this darling dancing piano necklace from the talented hands of Baronyka.  Made of black acrylic, it is not only super light to wear but will definitely make a statement wherever you go.

Handmade Felt Acoustic Guitar Tree and Gift Ornament

Guitar Ornament

The holidays are the perfect time to sing in rounds thanks to all those well loved songs we have sang since childhood.  From the darling shop of Paragon Treasures 4 U comes this cute ornament that can be enjoyed any time of year.  Hand felted with care and attention to detail, each ornament will make you want to sing!

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