Fabric Covered Candle Tutorial

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, I thought I would share this quick and easy tutorial for decorating a simple candle. These make creative, affordable gifts and can be coordinated with anyone’s decor, or use a bit of holiday fabric to spruce up your holiday decor.

Handmade Supplies

Find a candle shape and size that you like. It can be any color, depending upon your own decor. You will also need a scrap piece of fabric (cotton is what I’m using) and some Modge Podge. For my candle, I’m using matte Modge Podge because that’s what I had on hand, but you can use any type, depending upon the finish that you would like.

Handmade Fabric Candle

Measure your candle from top to bottom and also measure the circumference. Cut your fabric, using those measurements. There are a couple of ways to cut your fabric. You can cut it to the exactly measurements and butt the two ends together or you can cut it just a smidgen over and overlap the ends slightly. I usually overlap them by about 1/8″. Cover your candle with modge podge around the entire candle. I use a disposable foam brush, but any paint brush will work.

Candle Left

Carefully start wrapping your fabric around the candle. Line the fabric up along the top of the candle as you go. If you find a few bubbles in the fabric, pull it back and then re-wrap. You want it smooth and aligned for the best result. If you have chosen to add the extra 1/8″ to the width of the fabric, paint a little bit of Modge Podge on the fabric before you connect the two ends to hold it in place. If you end up with any extra fabric at the top or bottom, you can always trim that off.

Wrapped Fabirc Candle

Once you have the candle entirely wrapped, look it over to just make sure that it’s smooth and covering the entire candle. If you need to realign it for any reason, just pull it off to that point and re-wrap. You can add Modge Podge again, if needed. Pay attention to the fabric at the top and bottom of the candle. If there are any little gaps, just put a bit of Modge Podge there to glue it down.

When you’re happy with the candle, paint a thin layer of Modge Podge over the fabric. Once it has dried, you can add another thin layer.

Completed Fabric Candle

One additional tip: If you want to burn this candle, I suggest the following. Trim the wick and light the candle. Let it burn for 1/2 hour. Blow out the candle and pour off the oil that has accumulated. You want to be able to fit a tealight candle in the center of the candle. You may need to burn the candle longer, depending upon the type of candle you’re using. Keep lighting and pouring off the oil until a well has formed large enough for the tealight candle. Trim the wick of the candle and add the tealight candle. Now, the candle can be burned without burning your candle down. Add additional tealights as needed.

As with all candles, always burn them with care and never leave them unattended.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I’d love to see pics of any candles that you decorate. The fun of this is being able to use Christmas fabrics, 4th of July red, white and blue fabrics, etc. And, it’s a great way to use scrap fabrics.


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