National Compliment your Mirror Day

Today is the day to appreciate the most amazing piece of work ever created; YOU! Happy National Compliment your Mirror Day! On this special day, you are to stand in front of your mirror and, just for a moment, consider how amazing you really are. Don’t have the proper mirror for such an important task? […]

Featured Artist Gabrielle of My Lovi

“It is never nuts to do something you love. But that is what it has to be. If you are doing it for the money, then there is no passion in it and will reflect in your products.” Wise words from a talented crafter with a passion for handmade and buy local! In addition to […]

Featured Artist Tress of Rozies Pearls

Tress and Randy are dreaming big! In fact, every time this husband and wife team sells one of their darling pieces, Randy asks if he can retire now! Love this! Maybe not now, but Tess knows that one day she will be able to turn to him and say “Yes, you can retire now.” Tress […]

Featured Artist Ann of Brushes with a View

There is something so special about giving and receiving handmade gifts. The thought, the time, the effort to create a one of a kind treasure for a special friend or family member makes the gift so much more. In one case, this desire to give a friend a personal gift led down a road she […]

Featured Artist – Ambient Girl Designs & Supplies

I’m originally from South Africa. I’m a stay at home mom and I have been involved with crafts and enjoyed them for many years. I took fine arts and Crafts & Design in college, majoring in glass blowing. I currently work with paper creating cards, invitations, gift tags and other custom items. If you are […]

Featured Artist – The Little Ballerina

  I am a stay at home mom of three-Charlotte who is 3, Draven who was 2 in July (yes, they’re super close-15 1/2 months apart) and a newborn, Mason. I have a wonderful husband, Jonathon. We’ve been together for almost 10 years and have been married for almost 5. He’s the best thing that […]

Featured Artist – Ginger Kitty Designs

  My name is Tracey and I am a mother of two wonderful boys and I LOVE designing jewelry! After losing my day job (of 10 years), I decided to open my own store and sell my designs. I have always been creative, but jewelry design allows me the freedom to express myself. Ginger Kitty […]


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