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custom wedding cake topper bride and groom“It is never nuts to do something you love. But that is what it has to be. If you are doing it for the money, then there is no passion in it and will reflect in your products.” Wise words from a talented crafter with a passion for handmade and buy local!

In addition to being an extremely talented artist, Gabrielle has been in Internet Marketing for over 25 years and is currently working on her AdWords Certification.  She is the proud mother of two wonderful children who are out making their own way in the world and married to the love of her life since 2005.  Her darling husband managed to retire early and is now the designer and builder of the furniture that the couple creates.  They love to spend time at their home in Maine, working in the garden and creating side by side.

american girl doll bunkbed handmadeGabrielle began the way many of us began, making wonderful handmade gifts for our family and friends rather than buying mass produced trinkets.  These gifts of love soon led the idea that all this work could be worth something and My Lovi was born.  At the same time, she found herself the single mother of two young children and her love of crafts allowed her to add much needed income to the home without going out for a second job.  Now that the business is growing, she has combined her talents with her husband’s design ability to create some amazing works of art.

While Gabrielle has played with many different art mediums, it is sewing and clay that truly captured her passion.  She is always willing to try a new craft and incorporate it into her current work which is one of the things that makes My Lovi so special.  She does have one requirement however, that is that if she doesn’t love it she doesn’t do it.  She is adamant that if art ever becomes work she will probably stop.

polymer clay decor usa patrioticOne of the amazing works that you will find at My Lovi is her custom cake toppers!  Gabrielle wanted to do something for brides that no one else had and was different from all the rest.  The result is the most amazing custom toppers you have ever seen…each one different and customizable to help the bride fulfill her dream.

More recently, with the help of her husband and the business2community.com online casino UAE, the couple has begun creating beautiful custom furniture for the American Girl dolls.  Each piece is handcrafted and often begins as a special order.  The furniture rivals full size pieces in quality and craftsmanship!

Gabrielle admits that working in the handmade industry is not all cake and flowers; there are some hurdles to overcome.  She is passionate about buying local and has found that the mass produced products have become more prevalent over the years at previously handmade shows.  It is hard for a handmade artist to compete with this buy/sell market, but that does not mean they give up!  Instead, Gabrielle encourages handmade artists to jump in but do it right by tracking your material costs and your creation time and not undercutting yourself.  Value your time and charge what it is worth.  Also, be legit by getting the proper paperwork and licenses that you need and research the type of license and insurance that your business needs.

american girl doll pie cabinet furniture handmadeRather than be intimidated, Gabrielle encourages people to surround themselves with knowledgeable people to help your business grow and prosper.  If you are not a graphic designer, enlist one to help you create your brand and then find a local printer for your needs.  This relationship not only allows you to be hands on but helps your local economy.

So, are you ready to see what a gifted woman and some clay can create?  My Lovi is easy to find on HandmadeArtists as well as on her own Website where you can sign up for monthly newsletters, sales and be the first to know when a new product will be out.  You can tweet with her on Twitter and follow her latest creations on Facebook as well.


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