Featured Artist Tress of Rozies Pearls

Rozies Pearls on Handmade Artistshandmade braceletTress and Randy are dreaming big! In fact, every time this husband and wife team sells one of their darling pieces, Randy asks if he can retire now! Love this! Maybe not now, but Tess knows that one day she will be able to turn to him and say “Yes, you can retire now.”

Tress has always been creative but also loves to spend time watching football, though she and Randy do not root for the same team, and wrestling.  The couple was never blessed with children so she takes time to baby her darling German Shepherd, Rozie, who even gets to go to PetSmart on her birthday to pick a new toy!

Handmade Name BraceletTress didn’t find her creative passion until she stumbled upon pearls, beads, and chain.  After making many presents for family and friends, she began offering necklaces for older children.  She quickly found that this was not her niche, but rather than be down and give up she changed gears and began creating newborn and toddler bracelets instead finding that creating little tiny pieces are what makes her heart sing.  After working a few Farmer’s Markets and talking with other vendors, she branched out into craft fairs and soon to online sales and Rozies Pearls was born.  Tress quickly found that the joy of a customer finding the perfect piece for their little bundle is the absolute best reward of selling her work and keeps her motivated to do more.

Handmade Pearl Bracelet

Online selling has turned out to be a learning process for Tress, but one that is a way of building her business.  The best advice she can offer to another artist wanting to sell their work?  Always send a thank you!  While this may not sound like much, Tress firmly believes that this little bit of personal courtesy can go a long way in the business world.  In fact, she credits this bit of kindness for her repeat customers!  Giving the best customer service you can may take your business from basic to retire worthy; at least that is what her darling husband is hoping!

Are you ready to see what this talented lady is doing with all those pearls and beads?  You can find her work on HandmadeArtists as well as on Etsy.  You can also follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.  Do you know someone about to have a baby or one that has a toddler?  You can be sure that any of Tress’ creations will become lifelong keepsakes.


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