National Compliment your Mirror Day

Today is the day to appreciate the most amazing piece of work ever created; YOU! Happy National Compliment your Mirror Day! On this special day, you are to stand in front of your mirror and, just for a moment, consider how amazing you really are. Don’t have the proper mirror for such an important task? Not a problem as these amazing handmade artists’ have got you covered.

HAF Compliment yourself day

Custom Mosaic Mirror

custom mosaic mirror

This special mirror is perfect for giving yourself a much needed compliment as well as complimenting any decor in any room.  From the talented hands of Green Street Mosaics, each and every piece in this shop is made with care and attention to every detail to ensure that you are getting a piece of art!

Decorative wall mirror

Handmade wall mirror

Looking for something as unique as you are?  Georgiastia has created just the thing for you.    This hand painted treasure will add a touch of elegance to any room as well as create the perfect frame for your beautiful face!

Love Birds Pocket Mirror

Pocket mirror

On the run and don’t have time to stop at a mirror in your house?  Not a problem, thanks to Happy Dog Buttons who has created this darling pocket mirror so you can give yourself a compliment anytime and anywhere.  Each treasure in this shop is cuter than then next, but don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

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