Cappuccinos Are On Me

Cappuccinos Are On Me A Polymer Clay Key-chain Tutorial By Beverley Start August 2013 Here’s a fun and easy polymer clay picture tutorial for clayers at all levels of expertise. I handmade this tiny mug filled with frothy cappuccino and wanted to share. OK so the colors of clay you will need are white for […]

Featured Artist Gabrielle of My Lovi

“It is never nuts to do something you love. But that is what it has to be. If you are doing it for the money, then there is no passion in it and will reflect in your products.” Wise words from a talented crafter with a passion for handmade and buy local! In addition to […]

Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial

Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial by Beverley Start October 2012 I handmade these adorable polymer clay pumpkins today and really loved how they turned out so I thought I’d share the process with a tutorial. 1.Take equal parts of gold, yellow, and red and mix them together leaving them a bit streaky to create a […]

Polymer Clay – It’s What You Do With It

By Beverley Start August 2012 Polymer clay’s sculpt-ability and low curing temperatures make it ideal for a wide variety of craft and art projects. Many people talk about giving polymer clay a try but if you’re still on the fence here’s a whole laundry list of reasons to climb down and just Go For It! […]

Painting with Polymer Clay

Sunday July 8 2012 By Beverley Start For the last few months I’ve been experimenting with something I’ve been calling polymer clay painting. Personally, I have never had the patience for paint and brush. I’m not sure if it’s the way my hand has to hover above the canvas and never touch it or if […]

Calla Lily Hair Sticks, A Handmade Polymer Clay Tutorial

By Beverley Start Calla Lily Hair Sticks, A Handmade Polymer Clay Tutorial                     For this tutorial you will need the following; Green, orange, and white polymer clay (Fimo, Sculpey, Primo…It’s your choice… I just use what’s cheapest) Water based polyurethane A blade A small paint brush […]

Not Your Everyday Animal Sculptures

March 2012 By Beverley Start As an artist the question I get asked the most is “Where do you get your inspiration?” I always spend lots of time surfing the interweb, perusing the library shelves, and searching anywhere really for that ever-elusive “hit” of inspiration. I usually don’t have to surf that far to find […]

Facebook Fan Drive ends with Holiday Coupon

Hello all, I just wanted to share with you a short contest I just ran on my facebook ( that was super fun and easy for my friends.  I was just about 16 people shy of my 2011 goal of having 400 fans, so I ran a contest asking for existing fans to share my […]

This Is Not A Turtle Tutorial.

A Simple Polymer Cane With Reductions By Beverley Start, Polymer clay artist October 30, 2011 What is a polymer cane? I get that question a lot, so I decided to make a short video demonstrating how a polymer cane is made from beginning to end right before your eyes!. I had to speed it up […]

What Are Polymer Canes? How Are They Made?
Polymer Clay Canes

What are polymer canes? How are they made? By Beverley Start, Polymer Clay Artist October 14 2011 Like tubes of cookie dough with pictures in them that you can slice up into a dozen identical treats, polymer canes also have pictures or patterns running through their entire length, only they’re made from clay. Click here […]


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