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One of the most exciting things about the internet is the ability to interact with and buy from artists from around the world like Geraldine; an IT Project Manager by trade and an artist at heart.

Geraldine lives in Melbourne, Australia and has always had a creative soul starting from childhood; cutting up fabric to redesign her doll’s dresses and even drawing her own version of her favorite cartoons to later printing fabric and making her own clothes.  As an adult she loves reading and documentaries on most any subject as well as spending time with her nieces and nephew who are finally old enough for her to transition from Aunt to friend.

Handmade Resin Cube RingHer true passions did not surface until Geraldine saw the 2007 Chanel Winder Collection which struck her as beautiful and reminiscent of the 20’s and 30’s which she loves!  This collection set off an explosion of ideas that she could not let die.  Instead, Geraldine did some weekend schooling in metal work and resin and set out to teach herself as much as she can about jewelry design.  This passion so took over her focus that she left her full time position in 2011 and GandTMelbourne was born.  This company adheres to the idea that stylish jewelry and accessories should not be only for the well to do!  Everyone should one at least a few interesting pieces that make you stand out and show your personal style.

Geraldine admits that her venture does not yet support her financially fully….yet…but she is growing and learning.  She currently sells both online as well as in a few small boutiques in her area.  She loves the fact that someone loves her work enough to wear it proudly but also has found getting found to be a challenge.  She has also had to learn how to navigate the negotiations with those boutiques so that both the shop and she can make a profit; a true balancing act at times.

Handmade beaded necklaceDespite the learning curve, Geraldine encourages others to join her in selling their own handmade creations.  She advises others to begin with a hobby that they love and see where it goes.  With enough work, one never knows where they could end up!

Are you ready to see with this trend setting artist from Australia can produce?  G&TMelbourne is easy to find on HandmadeArtists as well as on her own site and on Etsy.  You can check out her daily work on Facebook or send her a Tweet!  Each and every piece you see from Geraldine is unique in its own way and you are sure to find a treasure that you just have to have!


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