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Featured Artist Daves Wire Creations


I am always amazed to read about the people behind the work as they never seem to be what I would have pictured; which is exactly what happened with this talented artisan! Picture a man that spent years in the US Navy (thank you for that service!) and then moved on to work in construction […]

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Caring For And Cleaning Your Copper Jewelry

Copper Penny

I love copper jewelry don’t you? It took me a while to figure out how to slow down the tarnish and the proper way to clean my favorite metal safely. The best way to keep it nice is to always store your jewelry in a separate plastic zip bag.(silver too) I prefer natural methods over […]

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Peridot and Sterling Silver Pendant


I was thinking and decided to try a twisted wire project.  I took three strands of 18 gauge round soft copper wire and twisted them together into one strand.  Showing this to my wife, she said, why don’t you use silver.  I would like something done with this in silver.  I took three strands of […]

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Some Great Fun

Copper Cuff

These projects turned out so well, I can’t resist showing them.  A couple weeks ago I cut 8 beryl cabochons, some aquamarine, some emerald.  The aquas have made two pendants.  Here is the second: JR Aquamarine Pendant Freeform cabochon aquamarine weighing 43 carats in a Sterling silver wire frame accented with glass beads.  The pendant […]

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Featured Artist – Nicole Hill

My name’s Nicole, and I live on the south coast of France, having moved here recently from the UK. I live very near the sea, and it energises me, providing me with endless inspiration and space to think through designs – I hope you like the results! I make chainmaille and wire-wrapped jewellery using silver […]

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Featured Artist – Lydia’s Filly

Hello and welcome to Lydia’s Filly. All pieces are handmade by me, and I am constantly inspired to come up with new designs. Jewelry is one of those lovely things that has always made me feel like a lady. I hope my jewelry makes you feel beautiful and feminine, sexy and playful. I am a […]

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Featured Artist – UnaTiaEspecial

UnaTiaEspecial is in honor of my beautiful nieces, Alexis and Jennifer and my nephew, Kevin. They are the light of my life and I wish I could see them more often. My brother is in the army and currently stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. I also love being a Tia to my best friend’s son. […]

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Featured Artist – Sharpwear

  My Mother kept her jewelry in the top drawer of a high dresser. I’m not sure if she did this out of convenience or to to keep her valuables away from little scroungers like me but regardless, her efforts were in vain. I still remember the many times I dragged her vanity stool over […]

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Featured Artist – KrisKris Designs


I’ve been designing jewelry for the last 15 years or so. I’m also a full-time student, studying to be a nurse practitioner and a mom of two beautiful kids. With a lot of (pushing) support from my friends, family, and significant other, I’ve recently decided to begin selling my designs on Etsy, as well as […]

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