Featured Artist Daves Wire Creations

I am always amazed to read about the people behind the work as they never seem to be what I would have pictured; which is exactly what happened with this talented artisan! Picture a man that spent years in the US Navy (thank you for that service!) and then moved on to work in construction for over 18 years taking on the delicate work of making wire curls and swirls around cabs.

Now Dave is not all rough and tumble, he loves to work in his garden and even used to draw and do watercolor.  After back injuries, Dave could no longer work in the construction industry and he began searching for a new passion.  He eventually found it on the internet after seeing tutorials for wire wrapping cabs and stones.  After years of electrical work, wire seemed like a natural pull though in a totally different way.  The rest of the story; Daves Wire Creations was born!

Dave enjoys selling his creations to the public and, like many of us, often receives some unsolicited advice.  Dave freely admits that he takes what he can use when advice is offered but always follows his own beliefs on how his business is run.  He readily admits that selling is an adventure with a learning curve, but encourages those looking to start selling their handmade designs to not give up and be willing to put yourself out there.

Dave began selling his treasures at flea markets locally but soon branched out to show off his skill online.  He is easy to find on HandmadeArtists as well as on Etsy.  You can follow his creative passion as well as see pictures of his past work on Facebook.

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