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Social Media Marketing

Written by Beadthing If you were to ask an expert reseller SEO about digital marketing, you’d know that social media sites are a very important part of online marketing, if not the most important. The alternatives to hotjar for website are also used for marketing strategy. Most likely the most important because we all have […]

Get It In The Bag!

So, you had an idea…… you made the item, you’ve listed the item for sale and nothing! Absoutely nothing happens, yes, you got views, people hearted the item, said they loved it, maybe even tried it on, but it still belongs to you and your bank account is feeling rather depleted! So how do you […]

It’s About Me:Your Personal Webpage

Hi Everyone! Do you have an About Me page? A single webpage with links to all of your shops, social networks, photo sites, and emails. No? About.Me is a free website to create a single webpage that is about you. You can add links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Add your Pinterest, online Shops, […]


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