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Hi Everyone! Do you have an About Me page? A single webpage with links to all of your shops, social networks, photo sites, and emails. No?

About.Me is a free website to create a single webpage that is about you. You can add links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Add your Pinterest, online Shops, Websites, and Blogs.

Add a bio and tags so people can search for your page.  Add your page to Google Search and Bing (Get more visitors section) with a click of your mouse. Share your page on Facebook, Twitter and link from other sites with your Embed Link.

add services section

First you need to signup and claim your page > < and follow the prompts. A few things you may want to have for your page:

  •  1680 x 1050 pixel image gif, jpg or png for your background. You can use a pic of you, product, or many products. Or you may choose one from the gallery. I used a picture of a Braidlet as my background.
  • Bio photo (I used my avatar) 5MB max gif, jpg or png and your bio along with 10 keywords (tags) you can show or not on your page.
  • Links to all your websites, social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook , Google + etc. Add your blog, all five shops if you want to. Flickr, Tumblr, Youtube, Foursquare, Word Press and more.

Great Job! Now add all of your information to your page. You can use large or small text and if you want to change the font, there are several font styles to choose from. Change the color of your bio box, text, links or your name.  It is your webpage, with your information, put your style into your webpage.

They also have a stats page, where you can see the number of visitors, clicks and page views and much more.

CrochetHooked page

When you are all finished you will be amazed by what you have created. All your business links on 1 page. You can add your page to your email signature, website, even email to customers so they can follow you and never miss an important message from you again. < link to my page

Besides you just never know who will be in your favorites. Do you recognize anyone below? LOL  Good luck to you all!

other pages


Click Here > < About.Me

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