A Journey from Rock to Jewelry

About two months ago, a man contacted a local brick and mortar jewelry store. He walked in with a 20 pound rock. He asked the bench jeweler what it was. The jeweler said, that he did not know how to identify a rock, but he knew someone who could help him. So I got a […]

Art of Lapidary.

WHAT IS LAPIDARY? The word lapidary is derived from the lapis or stone and means “of or pertaining to stones” or “one who cuts and polishes Stones”. Not all stones are worthy of cutting and polishing and although all can be cut by one method or another the lapidary is concerned only with those stones […]

Featured Artist – Christil Creations

  Many years ago, I fell in love with rocks and I became a rock hound.  I was an amateur multimedia artist and I also wanted to make jewelry for most of my life. I dabbled with bead work and wished I had the knowledge to do more.  While living in Rapid City, S.D  I worked […]


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