Recess at Work Day

Do you remember those bygone days of school when you would count the minutes until recess? So sad that those days are gone, or are they? Welcome to Recess at Work Day! An amazing day that says you are never too old for recess. In honor of all those hard working people that need a break for fun and games, I present to you some handmade ways to take a few minutes of much deserved fun.

HAF Take a Break from work


Blue Toy Pop Up Tent and 2 Sleeping Bags with flower print fabric

pop up doll tent handmade

First thing you need is a place to go and Tent Toys and Chairs has got you covered, well, got your toys covered anyways. This darling tent is not going to hide you but will allow for hours of fun with any dolls or toys you manage to sneak away from your little one.  Handmade in bright and happy fabric, this tent is sure to fuel anyone’s imagination.

Game Pieces Necklace

game piece necklace

Now that you are set to take a quick recess you need something to do.  Uniqlets has got this taken care of with a darling necklace that is wearable and playable!  Made with vintage game pieces that will surely take you back to your childhood, you are sure to have the most unique piece of playable jewelry in the office today!

Harry Potter Book Bag

harry potter book bag handmade

Looking for a stylish way to stash your recess supplies, or maybe even your actual work? CJGrand has got just the thing.  This darling bag made from an actual book is the perfect accessory to show your love of reading.  Completely unique and fun, this bag is the perfect place to stash all of your recess gear.


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