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Our Artsy Shark Interview

Artsy SharkLast month we were interviewed on the Artsy Shark, which a real cool blog with many tips and tricks of the trade. I had a wonderful talk with Carolyn Edlund the other day while she was interviewing us. Anyway, we look forward to doing more things with Carolyn and the crew from the Artsy Shark in the near future.

Here is a little clip of the interview, but you’ll have to cruise on over to the Artsy Shark to read the rest! Laughing

AS: What’s your opinion about artists having their own websites? 

Kimberly and Andrew KitchenAK: It is very important for artists to have their own websites for branding, marketing, and selling their wares. Spreading out and selling on marketplaces and other venues is good as well, but any of those venues can pull the plug at any time. I strongly suggest to all of the people I come in contact with that they need to buy their own domain and set up a website.

The site should be a work in progress, and I would strongly suggest a self-hosted WordPress blog. I made many mistakes early in my website building career and now know that WordPress is one of if not the most flexible platforms out there, and firmly believe that it will provide anything you need for your site and you’ll never outgrow it……….

Artsy Shark Interview

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