Among the many simulants manufactured to substitute for natural diamond, Moisonite is probably the most successful at duplicating the beauty of the diamond. Moisonite is a synthetic, lab created mineral (SiC) silicon carbide. This artificial gemstone is manufactured by Charles and Colvin. Its optical properties make it have greater brilliance than natural diamond.  When cut in the proper proportion and angles, the higher refractive index and dispersion of light, give moisonite a brilliance not matched by other gemstones. In addition to the optical properties, moisonite has a Moh’s hardness of 9.5, making it harder than rubies and sapphires (corundum).  The combination of optical and physical properties make this gemstone a great stone to use in jewelry.

Diamond testers that were designed to detect earlier simulants (cubic zirconia, GGG, YAG) can not distinguish between moisonite and natural diamond.  A tester that measures both heat conduction and electrical conduction can determine the difference.

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