Finishing a Bead Necklace
Finished Necklace

In the picture are the tools that I use to finish a necklace and make matching ear rings: crimping pliers, round nose pliers, two pair of flat nose pliers and wire cutters. These are available in a variety of makes and quality. 1. Place a crimp on the wire. I use 2 mm crimps so […]

Should You Create and Sell a Pattern of Your Work?
knitted skates pattern

Have you ever been told, “you should write a pattern” for something that you make? If you are active in your medium at all, the answer to that question is probably “yes”. But is it a good idea? I’m not able to answer that question for you beyond that, yes, it is an idea. What […]

What Are Your True Shipping Costs? Are You Losing Money on Shipping?

There has been a lot written on pricing your work, but I’ve seen very little on pricing your shipping costs. This is an integral part of every sale; too much could scare the customer away all together, but too little cuts into your profit, sometimes significantly. So how do you determine your shipping costs without […]

Handmade Tote Bag Tutorial

To make this quick and easy shopping bag you’ll need two 40″ x 20″ pieces of different fabric: one for the outer bag and one for the lining. Draw the pattern on a large piece of paper and cut out. Cut two pieces on fold from each fabric. Pin pieces for the outer bag right […]

Travel Tissue Holder Tutorial

If you have even the basic sewing skills, this is a quick and easy handmade gift idea for any of the women on your gift list! These are great to keep in your purse, diaper bag, desk, and car. Gather Your Supplies: ~Fabric for the outside of your travel tissue holder ~ I use regular […]

Fabric Covered Candle Tutorial

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, I thought I would share this quick and easy tutorial for decorating a simple candle. These make creative, affordable gifts and can be coordinated with anyone’s decor, or use a bit of holiday fabric to spruce up your holiday decor. Find a candle shape and size that you like. […]

Creating a Log Cabin Quilt Block

A log cabin quilt goes back ages and ages. I don’t know who invented it or originally designed it, but it was probably someone looking to use up bits and pieces of material. Surprisingly, making a log cabin quilt block is simple IF you can cut and sew straight! It’s also a great way to […]

Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial

Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial by Beverley Start October 2012 I handmade these adorable polymer clay pumpkins today and really loved how they turned out so I thought I’d share the process with a tutorial. 1.Take equal parts of gold, yellow, and red and mix them together leaving them a bit streaky to create a […]

Election Season: Lessons in Art and Marketing

It’s election season and it’s everywhere… on bus benches and vehicles; on TV and radio; in newspapers and all over the web. I think the phrase, pandemic marketing, could apply to the political rhetoric bombarding all of us. And with the recent Supreme Court decision to allow PACs (Political Action Committee) to advertise and promote […]

DIY-Grass Paper

How to Make Grass Paper The process of making your own paper from plants can be time consuming, but extremely rewarding. I’ve been noticing plants in my neighborhood I usually overlook. Suddenly weeds are beautiful, and yard work is no longer work. Materials: Stainless steel stock pot Soda ash Stir stick Digital Scale Papermaking mold […]


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