Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 4 December 6

Welcome to Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 4 Hello everyone and welcome to Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 4 from Handmade Artists. If you are looking for something interesting, unique, and handmade you have come to the right place….Handmade Artists Shop. Let’s have a look at the gift ideas for December 6th. I Am Your Mothers Day […]

Resounding Rounds

Remember when you were little and your music teacher had you sing in rounds? No problem in theory, until you try to get a group of young children to do it! Now that we are older this should not be too much of a problem and today is the day to try it out. Welcome […]

Memories of Christmas Past Part 1

Every year during the Christmas holiday season, we go about decorating the outside of the house with all the wonderful lights and decorations. As I go about decorating the inside of the house, I reflect on memories of Christmas past. I open each box and begin going down memory lane and remembering the moments attached […]

Christmas Handmade Style
xmas style

Are you ready for the holidays? Lisa from Uniqlets was kind enough to put this wonderful little Christmas video together. We invite you to take a look at our Christmas Holiday Mall and encourage you to support Handmade this year! It is sooo easy to go to the local big box store and buy something […]

The Christmon’s Tree and it’s History

The Christmon’s Tree and it’s History Many asked about Christmon’s, or have never heard of them, so here is the History and some pictures. All of them are HANDMADE and should never be sold An evergreen tree, which symbolizes the eternal life, which our savior has won for us, forms the background for tiny white […]


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