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Thunderbird Solar JarToday I like to introduce Sam from SUNWORX. Sam is retired, is living simply and close to nature. He does sand etching, lapidary, hand craft solar jars, bottles, insulators, and semiprecious stones.
He recycles mason jars and makes them into beautiful lanterns, up-cycled blue ball jars with solar lid lights and solar art images etched in glass, they are care free and handmade to last.
Sam is part Cherokee Indian and uses Indian Symbols he edges, sometimes Mayan, however you can find the occasional different sand blasted Motive on his Solar Light Jar’s. I am sure he delightfully will accept custom orders to accommodate any special orders.
Here is how he does it:

Dragonfly Solar JarAfter all the sand blasting and preps, the actual Solar Lid Light easily screws onto the top of the jar, shines more brightly and lasts longer than most similar products.
Two small inconspicuous holes are drilled with a diamond bit into the bottom of each jar. The holes both lessen any heat buildup in the jar and also evacuate any moisture buildup in the jar resulting in a more carefree and long lasting solar jar. LED’s are known for their narrow band of light. Sam of Sunworx corrects that by fitting the LED with a lens cap designed to cast the light more evenly resulting in a better lighted jar. A protective glass coating is applied to assist in maintaining the beauty of the jar in outdoor weather conditions.
Fairy Solar JarsA quality wire carrying caddy is included allowing the owner to use the lighted mason jar as a lantern. A strong and attractive seven inch hook is included to assist when hanging the lantern.
His solar mason jar lantern with motives etched in glass provide a handmade, more innovative, longer lasting, fully automatic and care free solar jar lantern.

They can be used for Wedding Parties, Gardens, hanging in trees and or on stakes, even Patios and Porches are enhanced with these carefree Solar Jars.

They are amazing, I know first hand, I own one. Monika

You can find Sam’s work right here at SUNWORX

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