Meet Tress of Roziespearls here on

Please meet Tress of Roziespearls here on
For the most part she is making bracelets for little ones with extensions – for room to grow
with the child.

I just love this one, very pale pink and such beauty shines of it….

handmade baptism bracelet

This is what she says about herself and her family.

Randy and I have been together for a lot of years. We met in Orlando, moved to Arkansas in 2004.
We love the country and plan to buy a farmhouse in the mountains somewhere where there is
more snow then we get here in Arkansas. So hopefully in 20 years or so we will be moving
into our retirement home & of course still running our shop.

(What! Who in the world loves snow? Well, I guess only a Florida Girl like me can make that statement!)

Here is a personalized bracelet, isn’t beautimus….

handmade newborn jewelry

She further shares:
Randy and I are huge wrestling fans. We have the NFL Package so we can watch our teams.
I’m from Buffalo, N.Y. so I’m a Bills fan & Randy well he likes the Dolphins. It’s a lot of fun when
both teams are facing each other.

We welcome you to our cute little shop. Our Christmas in July sale is back. July 10th – 31st – 20% off.
Use coupon code Xmas at checkout. We specialize in handcrafted Newborn Bracelets. Each one comes
with an extension for growth. We have many to choose from including Unique Bracelets for both girls and boys.
We opened this shop in Nov 2012. A couple of years before that we were going through some boxes of
craft supplies getting ready for our towns first craft fair. We come across a small box with pearls and
jewelry finds. I really didn’t want to make pearl necklaces again mostly because we didn’t sell very many in
Orlando. So, we switched gears just a little and started making newborn bracelets. I made a total of 30
bracelets and off we went to the craft fair.
There was a lady there selling jewelry. She told us she had a shop online and we should check it out.
At the time all we had was a cell phone. I ended up opening my entire shop on our cell. We started out
with 18 items. A year later we purchased a laptop and opened up a second shop here on named Roziespearls .
We now have a full line of bracelets. All pearl and bead bracelets are made with silicone covered wire.
Every bracelet has an extension of growth and comes with a jewelry box for safe storage.
I’m very proud of this shop and the work I have done to make the perfect bracelet for your little one.

Something for twins, Roziespearls has it…
handmade bracelet

Note: LOCAL RESIDENCES of Benton and Washington counties can meet in town. We also offer
FREE shipping at Roziespearls. Email me for coupon code to receive it before placing an order.
Well, that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed reading about us and you find something you like for that
special little baby.

Isn’t that a great shop and great offers on, look for Roziespearls, and find
that special lil things for your loved one, friends, family and babe.

Written with Quotes from Roziespearls shop.
Monika of Myeuropeantouch

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