Last Minute Holiday Sales Tips

(author’s forward: even if you are out of stock or finished with your holiday sales, read this article because you can do the same thing for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It WORKS. Many crafts people report making more money in a few hours this way than at a huge craft fair.)

Handmade OrnamentIt’s just days before Christmas and I bet you think it’s too late to sell any more of your handmade gifts but did you know that surveys of retail shopping habit show that many consumers haven’t even begun their holiday shopping? Even those who believe that they’re finished are still likely to purchase last minute gifts if something really strikes them as unique.

Everyone is feeling stressed and trying to leave work early, take “personal days” off to shop or spending time on-the-bosses-dime shopping online.

Employers are looking for ways to keep their staff off-line and on the job rather than taking sick days or vacation days to shop, so companies are often receptive to vendors coming in to sell to their staff during lunch breaks.

lt’s a convenience for employees to be able to shop at their workplace.  Employers recognize the advantage of their employees getting their shopping done at work so most companies don’t even charge vendors a fee or percentage of sale.

Talk to the HR person at a hospital or corporate office (or your own workplace) and ask if you may set up in the break room or lobby on Friday the 21st or Monday the 24th to offer gift shopping to the staff. (While most schools are already on break, daycare centers are still open and the parents will love the convenience of being able to shop for last minute handmade gifts when they pick up their kids.) Since you have items that can’t be found in the mall, teachers, nurses, office personnel, etc will be excited about having this option.

Hand Painted OrnamentIdeally,  set up two consecutive days because as employees show their co-workers their purchases,  the excitement is viral. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards or brochures with your contact information.  Do a drawing where people can drop in their business card with email address for a chance to win a piece of your work and ask permission to add them to your mailing list. This way, you’ll be able to notify your customers in advance when you are returning or setting up somewhere nearby (for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day).  They’ll look forward to your return and likely have orders from their friends who don’t work there.

Plan to do the same a few days before Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This may just become your favorite way to sell your crafts.

Written by Terri Belford


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