Happy Mother’s Day plus a Giveaway!

Well it is that time again to honor the mother in your life. Maybe your biological mother or if you’re like me you may adopt a mom here and there. Since the passing of my mother in 2003 and even before her passing I’ve adopted special women in my life as pseudo mothers and they have always been a blessing to me. These women that have entered my life at various moments have been available at just the right time when I’ve needed the hard won experience of a strong women figure, someone to bounce life decisions off of, or just to chat.

So what are you doing this year to honor you mother, or mother figure in your life. Gifts are wonderful but so is a hug or a dinner. Take the time to honor these people and show your appreciation for the gifts they have given you with their experience.

Celtic-Visions-BraceletOur friend Rebeca from Blue Buddha Boutique was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway with us for mothers day. She has offered a Celtic Visions kit complete with rings and color pdf instructions . It is a great way to get your feet wet with a new weave or try chainmaille for the first time.

Many of you know that my wife and I do chainmalle as well and like any good mother she has our kids weaving at a young age. Both our 11 and 13 year old have been making Byzantine for 2 years now. :D

To win the Celtic Visions kit just comment on this post, we’ll pick a winner using a random number generator on May 8th at 9pm EST!

To comment on our blog you have to a registered user of handmade artists, so just register here as a buyer it is free, then you can comment. Sorry for the hassle but spammers suck, so we have to do it.

So we are very grateful to Blue Buddha Boutique for offering us this prize to giveaway!

MothersDay-ShaggyBraceletIf winning one kit isn’t enough you can also enter to win the grand prize that Rebeca is giving away as well. Check out the Mother’s Day Chainmaille Starter Packs they are giving away as a Grand Prize on May 9th! So enter both giveaways one here and one on Blue Buddha’s Site.

The two projects included in the Mother’s Day Starter Packs – Shaggy Loops Bracelet with glass rings and Shaggy Loops Earrings with glass rings and anodized niobium earwire.  The packs also include instructions, two pairs of pliers and a bead mat for holding jump rings.

MothersDay-ShaggyEarringsThose glass rings look pretty wild to me. Never used them before so I think this is very kind of Rebeca to share this with us. Remember to give your mom a big hug on mothers day! And if there is any animosity between you and your mother, maybe this mothers day can be the day that you bury the hatchet and forgive. Life is too short.



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