Handmade Creatures, Not Scary but Cute!

A while back Nancy Pace put out the challenge to create a highlight with what type of animal or critter you would like to be. So here are the Handmade morphs that people would like to change into. I just like the imagination that went into these highlights. It has become a very fun feature here on Handmade Artists. We have been having weekly highlight contests, where our members can compete for a prize. The Handmade Highlights are curated collections of themed items. Really cool concept.. Enjoy:D

Handmade June Bugs Handmade Bird Creations
Handmade Kitty Creations Handmade Cat Creations

Handmade Bird SculptureKeeping the theme of Handmade and supporting handmade is always our goal. Did you find inspiration from these images? Support your fellow artist this holiday season with shopping handmade. Handmade is always better than mass produced.  Think about the work that went into these creations and show some love this holiday season to the artists instead of the big box stores!


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