Do your customers know you?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’m curious if your customers can get a feel for who you are? Do you give a bit of your personality in shop announcement? Do you give a bit of yourself in your product descriptions? What about your profile, did you fill it out?

I firmly believe you need to attempt to allow your customer to get to know you a bit, even if it is on a surface level. Selling online is tough that way, they can’t touch or feel the item, all the can do is see the pics and read whatever info you give them. I’m not going to go back over this, but we already covered a big part of writing good descriptions and how it will affect your search engine results. Showing a little personality doesn’t hurt as well, we’ve noticed this in the past. We have customers that call us by name, chat with us like we are old friends, tell us about their kids, and have never ever met us face to face.

I know it’s tough to allow yourself to be transparent, but you need to reveal a little about you. It helps the customer feel comfortable with who they are buying from. One good way to show some personality is with your shop announcement. I would give a concise description of what your shop is about but maybe add a cute comment or something to make them feel you’re human. There is a profile page as well where your customer can learn about you. Under shop set up and about me, you can write a little bio about your self. On the same page you can add you avatar as well. I’m not going to go too crazy about avatars but it drives me nuts when someone has a full shop and no avatar. If you don’t have an avatar put a product pic, or a pic of yourself, or have an avatar made! Sorry I digress LOL, it is important to make your shop presentable, just like you were walking down the street window shopping. Attraction is what will pull you in. So look at how you’re shop is set up and step back and think like a customer, ask for a critique from a friend or on the forum.

Additionally another good way to get your name out there is to blog about yourself and use other social networks as well. So under shop set up you will see a promote area. Here you can add your blog, twitter, facebook, and youtube urls so that people can find you elsewhere and get an idea of who you are and what you do.

I hope this little article with selling tips will help bring you even more success in the new year. Please do not hesitate to post comments with additional suggestions and opinions, we are all ears.

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5 Responses to “Do your customers know you?”

  • You are so very correct… I am a handmade artists and a buyer of handmade, it certainly helps if you can connect with the artists in some way, even a small way.

    I remember making a sale because I collect Frogs (I mention on Facebook) A customer also collected Frogs and boom… a sale! If you open yourself just a little… it will go along way!


  • chainmaille says:

    I need to work on my shop bio, always too busy with everything else. No excuse right?

  • Well… I suppose you could fit it between the 1017th and 1019th things to do on your list! ;o) Although something is better than nothing! ;o)

  • lisianblue says:

    Love these articles! ♥♥♥

  • MsMartyD says:

    I’m never sure how much info to give out…… So I’m an old person who sews a bit….. what else can I say?
    I’ve been married for 64 years, hubby and I are both retired, I started crafting to defend myself against his golfing addiction. We have 4 sons ages 63, 60, 58 and 41…. yes I said 41. He was a very pleasant surprise. The 41 yr old has 2 kids 14 and 8. One of the older ones has a 26 yr old.
    I really appreciate the fun I have here… I can hang out here in my robe whilst drinking my coffee.

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