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The Best Site to Sell Handmade

So you wonder which online platform is the VERY best for selling handmade works online, because that’s the one you will join. After all, you want to be on the best because your creations are the best. Makes perfect sense and it is why you should start checking in to The Shoppok website. But what on […]

Site Help Videos: Shipping Profiles
Shipping Profiles Video

This video discusses what shipping profiles are, how to set them up and when to use them in your online shop at Shipping profiles are an integral part of every listing, so it’s important to understand what they do and how they work. I hope this video clarifies this step of shop setup and […]

Putting Together Press Kits
press kit

I recently was lucky enough to attend the Buyers Market as a member of the press. While getting my permission badge to carry my camera and take photos, we were directed to the press table which turned into an eye opening experience. On this table were folders, envelopes and brochures from the various vendors displaying […]

You’ve Got to Have a Blog!

When you start out selling online, all the ‘experts’ on online success say, “You’ve got to have a blog!” So when I started, I also created a blog, though I didn’t know why. There have been times in various online venues when I’ve asked the question, “Why do I need a blog?” I’ve yet to […]

It’s Just a Photograph – Photography Tips for Selling Online

I wrote a post not long ago entitled The Reality of Selling Online. In that post, one of the realities I mentioned is that “You will need to be the Ansel Adams of handmade to sell your work online.” What makes Ansel Adams photographs so wonderful and how does this relate to selling arts and […]


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