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Discover Handmade September 13

Welcome to Discover Handmade Good Morning Friends! There are so many terrific handmade products to discover… at Handmade Artists. Everyone is busy doing what they do best……being creative! Everyday I see new shops opening with interesting handcrafted merchandise, which I look forward to sharing with you in the up coming months. Exciting Times!  However… I […]

Discover Handmade August 2

Discover Handmade Hi Friends and welcome to Discover Handmade for Friday, August 2, 2013. August’s birthstone is Peridot or Onyx, the zodiac signs are Leo & Virgo , and the birth flowers are gladiolus and the poppy. Lets have a look at the items I selected to represent August. Lampwork Boro Focal Glass Blown Vessel […]

Featured Artist Man in the Moon Metal

  You know those young children at summer camp that can always be found in the arts and crafts area gluing Popsicle sticks to every surface? Do you ever wonder what happens to them when they grow up? Well, I found one such lady and boy has her Popsicle gluing days lead to some amazing […]

Makin the Best Of It and Chainmaille By MBOI

Andrew and Kimberly are the husband and wife team behind and have an obsessive passion about creating and buying anything handmade.  Kimberly’s love of handmade was carefully and enthusiastically fostered by her Grandmother who believed fully in making due and making it yourself.  She taught Kimberly to sew, knit, crochet, cook, can, and do […]

Nancy’s WildWireArt Studio

I am Nancy Pace an artist passionate about love, life, art, nature, especially gemstones. Recently I am intrigued with the gemstones given special mention in the Bible and plan to study those and incorporate them in to my pieces. How long have I been an artist? Always forever and a day! My inspiration comes from […]

Featured Artist ColettesBoutique

There is a special gift that allows some people to combine different types of gemstones and silver in a way that is absolute perfection in every way, jewelry that does not scream look at me! Yet you can not help but notice because of the intricate elegance. Colette is one of those special people who […]

Featured Artist Dichroic Glassworks

  There is something enchanting about glasswork because it looks so fragile and strong at the same time with ever-changing colors and textures. It is easy to see why many customers and artists alike would be drawn to this medium.   Anna Blair is one such artist that found the beauty and magic in working […]

Featured Artist Uniqlets

“For my home or myself, I love to seek out handmade or vintage things. They are infused with the personality, passion and creativity of the people who created them. The handcrafted objects and the art in my home make it a place where I want to be” sums up how Lisa feels about her jewelry, […]

Featured Artist Bobbi Wired

How many times have you dreamed of quitting your day job, staying home in your PJs and creating full time?  Many?  I know that many creative types dream just this.  But, would you actually do it?  I know that this leap of faith is enough to cause many to take a step back, but I […]

Roxys Rox

With a name like RoxysRox, what else could she possibly sell (and don’t tell me rocks) other than jewelry?  Roxy found her love for creating jewelry a bit later in life, but that did not stop her from jumping in!  In fact, she recently found out that her mother also used to create jewelry before […]


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