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You know those young children at summer camp that can always be found in the arts and crafts area gluing Popsicle sticks to every surface? Do you ever wonder what happens to them when they grow up? Well, I found one such lady and boy has her Popsicle gluing days lead to some amazing work.

Teresa was lucky enough to have had supportive parents that didn’t mind that every notebook was covered in doodles and patterns and even bought her a watercolor set at 4 years old…and she hasn’t looked back.   She spent time atWarrenWilsonCollegestudying studio painting and is currently a student, working towards a combined Bachelor’s and MBA in marketing at Capella University.

After marrying and having 3 sons, Teresa found that there was not too much time for crafting…but she could not just walk away.  Instead, she picked up watercolor painting and eventually began developing her own style.  She even rented a space in Winston Salem’s Downtown Arts District and began selling her work.  While doing a small show, Teresa was approached by an artist that was interested in getting into enameling and cloisonné but did not have the design skills.  The result?  New doors opening to reveal a passion for metal that she never knew she had!  Teresa is consumed by metal’s textures and malleability.  She has recently started etching and is still wanting to work in enamels.

Fast forward a bit, and Teresa found herself laid off from the healthcare industry in 2010.  Rather than wallow in pity or dive into yet another full time job, she decided to follow her passion to go full tilt into her art and Man in the Moon Metal was born.  She has found excitement in creating, not just stock pieces, but working with customers to create custom orders just for them.  She loves the design process and the challenge, but especially the happy faces when she reveals her creations to her customers.

The downside?  Well, Teresa admits that selling and marketing herself is not her favorite part of this life.  She would happily spend countless hours creating and not have to sell, but that is how we live!  Teresa did over 26 weekend craft shows a year everywhere from Florida to Chicago, including the North Carolina State Fair as an apprentice to a master silversmith.  This grueling schedule takes its toll on anyone.

Teresa has recently put more efforts into online selling, and we are thrilled that she has found the HandmadeArtists.com! Marketing and pictures are still not her favorite part of her job, but the rewards of working for yourself and creating beauty is well worth the cost.  Her friends have called her nuts for thinking she could support herself through her art, but Teresa is not in it for the money but for the passion she feels when she sees a new piece come to life.

Are you ready to feast your eyes on what this talented lady can create?  Well, she is easy to find on HandmadeArtists as well as her own website.  You can follow her blog as well as like her facebook page here and here!

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