Happy World School Milk Day

  Who remembers these! Day after day when you made your way through the school cafeteria line, a lady with a hair net would plop your little carton of milk on your tray. If you were one of the lucky schools, you got straws! If not, well, you got to fight the unwinnable war of […]


The weather in the NorthEast can’t decide if it wants to be winter or spring! I’m voting for spring personally. In honor of one of my favorite parts of spring, fresh fruit, I invite you to check out some amazing works of handmade art featuring peach! Rose Garden Set of 3 Stunning art photo of […]

Stupid Laws – Alabama

All around the country you could be breaking the law and not even know it! The funniest part? Lawmakers had to sit down, write up the law, and get it passed at some point! In honor of these nutty ordinances, I present to you some handmade treasures inspired by Ice Cream to highlight Alabama’s law […]

Happy National Oatmeal Day

You got it, now that the weather is turning colder, it is time for a warm breakfast of oatmeal! Not really into an oatmeal breakfast? Well, that does not mean you can’t celebrate along with us anyways thanks to some extremely talented artists and their oatmeal inspired work. Oatmeal Katniss Inspired Cross Body Cowl from […]

National Coffee Day

“…you haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running” ~ Jeff Bezos Coffee, the drink of the gods, well, that and me! My day must begin with coffee so today is the perfect day to celebrate: it’s National Coffee Day! I am excited to taste the coffee that I […]

Featured Artist Carla of Delta Moon Soapworks

Have you ever made something out of necessity and found a passion you did not even know was there? Such is the case of an extremely talented artist! Carla is a lively mother and wife who has always been creative, from drawing and creating as a child to a full out artisan soaper! Her adventure […]

National Tell a Lie Day

From the time they are children we teach them not to lie, which is why I love the idea of this day so much! It is the one day per year that telling a lie is not only all right but encouraged! In honor of Tell a Lie Day I present to you some of […]

Dream Day

Dreams can come true! Welcome to Dream Day where anything is possible in your dreams. To celebrate this magical land of dreams, I present to you some amazing works of handmade art featuring dreams. Dreamcicle Vegan Soap From the shop of YrekaSoapCo comes this lush sounding Dreamcicle soap. Using only the best ingredients, let the […]

National Pound Cake Day
tea and cake earrings

What is better than the classics? Classic music, classic literature, classic cake! Classic cake? Yes! How about the most classic of cakes….Pound Cake! Today is the day we celebrate this versatile favorite with some amazing handmade treasures from the talented artists on Handmade Artists! Tea And Cake Earrings Miniature Food Earrings Surgical Steel Tea and […]

Bittersweet Chocolate Day
chocolate soap

Now that you have made all those wonderful New Years resolutions to work out, eat better, and get into shape comes National Bittersweet Chocolate Day! This wonderful day does not have to ruin all your hard work, however, because you can indulge with the dreaminess of chocolate calorie free when you celebrate it with handmade! […]


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