Discover Handmade Labor Day Weekend
Discover Handmade August 29

Hello my friends and welcome to Discover Handmade August 29. Today we have a Sock Monkey, Leather Keychain, Hawaiian Mosaic, and Exotic Pendant/Necklace. Let’s have a closer look at these terrific handmade items. Sock Monkey by mharristx Sock monkey hat, diaper cover and booties. Yarn is soft and fits 0-3 months Take a look at […]

Discover Handmade August 15
Discover Handmade August 15

Hello friends, readers, artists, and shoppers thanks for joining me today for Discover Handmade August 15! Discover Handmade is here to help promote handmade items that artists create and sell in their shops here at HandmadeArtists.com. “Supporting Handmade”….the motto for HA speaks for its’ self. So, let’s get stared with this weeks Discover Handmade! Pink […]

Discover Handmade August 8
Discover Handmade August 8

Hello Friends…..Welcome to another Discover Handmade from HandmadeArtists.com. Today I am sharing products from the following skillful artists: LADesignsInSilver, LoonerCreations, Coolbeadgirl, and fotisffw. Now, lets get started with….Discover Handmade August 8. Argentium Silver Stick Earrings Fun and unique! These Argentium silver paddle earrings are decorated with a curvy wire and a heat formed bead of […]

Discover Handmade August 1
Discover Handmade August 1

Discover Handmade August 1 Good day everyone and welcome to Discover Handmade on August 1. Did you know that HandmadeArtists.com is 100% all handmade? Yes! Did you know that I have 5 new handmade products, made by artists right here on HandmadeArtists.com? Indeed…..shall we have a closer look? GREAT…..Lets do it! Copper Swirls Metal Hair […]

Discover Handmade July 11
Discover Handmade July 11

Discover Handmade July 11 Welcome to Discover Handmade July 11….I found six fabulous handmade items to show you all today from the following artists: MyGrandpasPen, HandmadebyArtie, customkelly, ChicsBoutique, TALLhappyCOLORS, and bbscharmingcreations. All of the artists listed current have a online store here at HAndmadeArtists.com. So let’s get started and Discover Handmade! First Year Baby Bee […]

Discover Handmade June 20

Discover Handmade June 20 Good Morning Friends! Are you ready to read Discover Handmade for June 20? Great! Grab your java, your morning juice, or bottled water and get ready to see some fine handmade products right here on HandmadeArtists.com. Let’s get started and Discover Handmade! Turtle Nursery Art by littlebigtop Tiny little colorful turtle […]

Discover Handmade June 6
discover handmade

Hello friends and it’s time for Discover Handmade June 6 from HandmadeArtists.com. Last week I searched through the shops and found these great handmade items made by the following artists: Ellen33s, IIcraig2014, alina.frandes, and yourfiredglass. Shall we have a closer look? Long Peacock Feather Earrings with Sterling silver chain by llcraig2014 These earrings are approx. […]

Discover Handmade May 30

Welcome to Discover Handmade May 30 Where handmade is revealed Good morning friends and thank you for joining me today for May 30 Discover Handmade. Today I have a few handmade items that will make you say ‘Wow’, simply wear around your neck, play time in the bath tub, and watch it….your dad was framed. […]

Discover Handmade May 23

Discover Handmade May 23 where handmade is revealed Good morning friends and thank you for joining me for Discover Handmade May 23. Please welcome our featured artists: Zip-It Antiques, UnicornGladeDesigns, HunnyBunny, and TropicDecor. Let’s have a look at their creations. Metal Garden Plant Stake Green Frog Design PS 702 GR by TropicDecor This handcrafted and […]

Discover Handmade May 16

Discover Handmade May 16 Good morning my friends and thank you for joining me today, May 16 for Discover Handmade…where handmade is revealed. We start the day with an Aqua and Silver Triple Strand Necklace/Earring Set by timar. Next, we have Raspberry Scrub Soap, all natural and of course handmade by autumnokie. Let us not […]


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