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“For my home or myself, I love to seek out handmade or vintage things. They are infused with the personality, passion and creativity of the people who created them. The handcrafted objects and the art in my home make it a place where I want to be” sums up how Lisa feels about her jewelry, her home, her life.

Lisa is a New Yorker who spends her days as a freelance writer and producer, for years working in network news.  She shares her Manhattan space with her 16 year old dog, Harry and loves to spend her free time with movies or a good book.

Lisa began creating very unique jewelry when her grandmother passed away.  She found her collection of vintage buttons in a drawer and knew that they belonged out where they could be seen and appreciated for the small works of art that they are…answer…jewelry!  As Lisa moved on, she began adding other vintage parts and pieces to her works to make it more interesting yet.  The result is a stunning array of one of a kind pieces that fuse old with new into wearable works of art.

Lisa has picked up her creations and put them down over the years.  Recently, while staying with her elderly parents, she picked it up again and hasn’t looked back.  She now combs art shows, craft shows, street fairs, and flea markets for tiny treasures to add to her jewelry.  Nothing gets her blood pumping faster than seeing a pile of treasures of varying shapes and textures and fitting them together.  Because Lisa works primarily with one of a kind parts, each and every piece will be different, which apparently appeals to her, self described, short attention span.

As her business started growing, Lisa built her own website and learned one of the great truths about selling on line…the thought “If you build it they will come” is not exactly how it works.  Lisa took a few steps back and found the community of artists on the HandmadeArtistsForum and the HandmadeArtistsShop and has grown as an artist and a businesswoman.

Lisa tells anyone who is considering selling their own creations on line not to rush in, but do a bit of research first.  She admits that her road would have been smoother had she taken her own advice!  Online selling is a slow and labor intensive process and not for the faint of heart, but rewarding in its own right all the same.

Are you ready to feast your eyes on what can become of scattered bits and parts?  Check out Lisa’s shop on the HandmadeArtistsShop as well as her own website http://www.uniqlets.com/ .  You can also follow the process on Facebook  .

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