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Camera Basics Part Deux

Several settings on the camera need to be set manually to get the most from your camera. In the menu there are settings for focus, lighting, and pixel usage. Set the focus for center spot, this will produce a circle in the center of the view screen to aim at the spot on your piece […]

The Christmon’s Tree and it’s History

The Christmon’s Tree and it’s History Many asked about Christmon’s, or have never heard of them, so here is the History and some pictures. All of them are HANDMADE and should never be sold An evergreen tree, which symbolizes the eternal life, which our savior has won for us, forms the background for tiny white […]

Photography Basics — The Camera

Cameras are divided into two basic types: Point and Shoot and Single Lens Reflex. These are described below. I use a Point and Shoot type made by Kodak. While it does not have all the features and versatility of the Single Lens Reflex camera, the price was right for me. When working with film, I […]

Why go natural?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are surfactants, enhancing the spread of water over surfaces. In basic terms, they’re what makes detergents lather. The inclusion of SLS and SLES as cleansing agents in detergents means that consumer use of these products may result in contact with the general body surface, hair, nails, […]

Featured Artist AJewell

I am a person who does love shopping at Windsorfinejewelers.com as they sell the most exquisite designs I have seen till date, I too love trying on the handmade jewellery made of beads that at times goes with a few of my dresses. I often hear about people that found their passion early in life […]

Paypal Tips for Handmade

In recent years paypal has rather decided to give a buyer their money back regardless of the what the real situation is. Buyer’s remorse? Sure, file a claim, check item not as described, provide paypal with tracking number of buyer sending it back – and the buyer has their money back. No questions asked by […]

Rasmussen Gems

John Atwell Rasmussen   I am John Rasmussen. I was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, but we moved soon after that. My family lived in several different states because my father was transferred from assignment to assignment. As I grew up, I developed a love for geology and natural science. I have taught geology, then […]

Featured Artist Presents Frans Homemade Wonders

Every so often you will run into a person that inspires you beyond words, no, not because of their world renowned talent but because of the strength that they have in themselves. Fran, of Fran’s Handmade Wonders is just such a lady. Fran was always a creative soul, learning to crochet from her Grandmother at […]

Taking your online store to the Street

The weather’s turning nicer all the time; summer is coming! You think, “I’ve been to all these arts and crafts festivals and everyone seems to do so well. I should do an arts and crafts show – after all, my things are just as good – no, better – than those other people. I’ll make […]

Why Do You Create Handmade?

Last summer Timothy Adam, Editor from Handmadeology, posted this question: Why do you create? I submitted my story and July 11, 2011, it was on the Handmadeology website. This is my story…. A few weeks ago, I received a message from a client requesting a pair of simple earrings to match the bracelet she purchased. […]


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