Happy Arbor Day

Arbor day is a day that many don’t think about but should! It is a day to celebrate the beautiful trees all around us that are so essential to our daily life for everything from cleaning the air to providing the wood for building and paper. Many crafters and artists use tree products every single […]

On Fire Shout Out Quilting Supreme

Quilting Supreme HA Shop Shout Outs Quilting SupremeHa Shop Shout Outs! 3 new shops that are filled with quilted creations! You will find beautiful creations by beautiful people! Be sure to stop by their shops to see for yourself!     i Knit Quilt Sew offers boutique quality for mom and baby at affordable prices. […]

Featured Artist Anne of Helping Hands Graphic Designs

Have you ever met someone whose brain is always in high gear? They are always thinking of the next thing and ready for an adventure. That about sums up Anne of On Fire for Handmade! Anne is a firecracker that lives happily with her husband of 19 years, her 93 year old mother and her […]

International Polar Bear Day
quilled art

Since, at least here in the North East, it looks like winter will NEVER end, I thought rather than fight it we will just embrace the cold and celebrate International Polar Bear Day! On this day you could check out some adorable pictures of fluffy white cubs frolicking in the snow or maybe join a […]

Featured Artist Tress of Rozies Pearls

Tress and Randy are dreaming big! In fact, every time this husband and wife team sells one of their darling pieces, Randy asks if he can retire now! Love this! Maybe not now, but Tess knows that one day she will be able to turn to him and say “Yes, you can retire now.” Tress […]

Featured Artist MJRushing Fine Art Photography

What is the best advice that Marijane Rushing received from her father regarding life:”If you weren’t doing what you love, you were doing the wrong thing.” Amazing motto to live by no matter what your passion! Marijane has always been an artist of one sort or another, starting out with stick figures in kindergarten and […]

National Pound Cake Day
tea and cake earrings

What is better than the classics? Classic music, classic literature, classic cake! Classic cake? Yes! How about the most classic of cakes….Pound Cake! Today is the day we celebrate this versatile favorite with some amazing handmade treasures from the talented artists on Handmade Artists! Tea And Cake Earrings Miniature Food Earrings Surgical Steel Tea and […]

Come and join the ring…the blog ring

What is a blog ring you ask? Well, it is just a whole lot of fun, and a great way to get your shop and items out there for all the world to see. Here at Handmade Artists, we have a great group of bloggers that love to share handmade items on our blogs, thru […]

Featured Artist Sue of Tomie Harlene

What does a young girl from rather humble beginnings and a subscription to Seventeen magazine do? Learn to sew of course! This young lady wanted the high fashion that she saw on the glossy pages of the magazine, but finances being what they were, was unable to afford such luxury. Her solution was to use […]

National Lost Penny Day

Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck! Today is the day that we celebrate all those lost and found pennies that we find on the floor, the sidewalk, in the washer, or in the bottom of your coat pocket! ┬áIn honor of these unloved coins I present to […]


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