Rasmussen Gems

John Atwell Rasmussen


I am John Rasmussen. I was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, but we moved soon after that. My family lived in several different states because my father was transferred from assignment to assignment. As I grew up, I developed a love for geology and natural science. I have taught geology, then became a paramedic and started teaching emergency medical care. Now, I am retired and living in South Carolina for the past 27 years.  As I approached retirement, I started studying gemstones (gemmology) and their optical, physical and chemical properties.  I have also developed a desire to cut my own stones and then using the stone and its properties design a jewelry piece that is inspired by that stone.  I continue to learn about stones, and use this knowledge to produce gemstones, wire wrapped and silversmithed jewelry.  My art can be found at my Handmade Artists Shop.







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