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There is something enchanting about glasswork because it looks so fragile and strong at the same time with ever-changing colors and textures. It is easy to see why many customers and artists alike would be drawn to this medium.


Anna Blair is one such artist that found the beauty and magic in working with glass. Living with her husband in Fort Worth, Texas; she shares her home with a couple of cats as well as the nightly parade of raccoons and armadillos waltz past her back door looking for their treats; which Anna happily provides in the form of dog food!  She loves sharing her home on a hill and its beautiful view with visits from her grown children and grandchildren.


Anna was an only child which fostered a love for solitary pastimes when friends were unavailable.  She fondly remembers winning first place in an elementary school art contest in first grade!  Her teachers encouraged her to continue to create and the desire never left.  Later in life, teaching art at the high school level helped to keep this passion alive by passing along her passion to the next generation of hopeful artists.


Teaching was also what enabled Anna to find glasswork!  She took an in-service class on fused glass and was instantly hooked!  While in the past she has enjoyed working with stained glass, watercolor, airbrush, as well as pen and ink; none have held her interest and passion like glasswork.  Why?  Well, according to Anna, it is the element of surprise since you can never totally predict what glass will do.  Anna feels like Christmas morning every time she breathlessly opens her kiln after its long, eight hour cooling time to see what was produced…anticipation of flop or fabulous!


Colors of glass also get her heart racing.  Not only the colors that glass comes in which is basically every color imaginable, but by combining unusual colors to create something new and adding dichotic layers to really add drama.


After finding her passion, Anna began selling locally to family and friends.  New treasures kept emerging from her kiln and her business has continued to grow.  She loves to talk with her customers who purchase her pieces and finds pride in creating special pieces for them.  She tells of a special grandmother who was raising her special needs granddaughter, Lilly.  For Christmas this grandmother had fused glass necklaces made with a picture of Lilly on them for her teachers who worked so hard with Lilly.


Another special customer was one that comes right out of a story book.  A woman lost her little girl and continued to grieve the loss.  In an effort to cheer her up, her friend and small son took the woman to dinner.  As they were leaving, the cashier gave a balloon to the boy.  While walking to the car, the boy said, “Stop, Mommy.  I want my balloon to go to Ashley in heaven so she can play with it.”  This friend purchased “Balloon Girl” for her friend which features a little girl chasing a lost balloon.  What a perfect way too honor a memory than with a happy thought.


Anna understands the pitfalls of running a small business while she would encourage people that feel the need to create to go for it, reminds them to start small as any hobby can quickly get expensive!  Start out  with small shops that have low fees and invest in good camera since the photos are what is going to sell your work when the person can’t hold and turn your piece over in their hand.  Clear and concise photos will make or break your business.


Are you ready to check out the amazing things that can come from glass, a kiln and an eye for color and talent?  Well, Anna is pretty easy to find on the HandmadeArtistsShop as well as on Ruby Lane.


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