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How many times have you dreamed of quitting your day job, staying home in your PJs and creating full time?  Many?  I know that many creative types dream just this.  But, would you actually do it?  I know that this leap of faith is enough to cause many to take a step back, but I know of an amazing woman that has made it work!

Bobbi, of BobbiWired left her job as a customer service rep in 2007 to follow her passion for creating and has turned it into a successful business.  While she works harder at her art than she ever would have at a regular 9 to 5 job she would have it no other way.

Bobbi has always had a heart and the drive to create.  She remembers fondly playing with strips of striped down telephone wires (now, who remembers when telephones had wires!) and ended up making rings, bracelets, and even earrings out of it!  Her mother was always in her corner and bragged about her talent to a point of embarrassment.  Though one of Bobbi’s regrets is that her mother passed before she could see the truly successful artist her darling daughter has become she still feels her mother’s presence in her work; even named an amazing ring the Marcella Swarovski Crystal Ring knowing that her mother would have loved it.

Before finding her niche in jewelry design, Bobbi tried a mind-blowing variety of crafts.  She has worked with leather; making motorcycle saddle bags and purses; pottery, furniture building, beading, stamp cutting, mosaic tile and even worked in the real world for time as a graphic artist and silk screen printer.  This job came to an end in 1988 when a rear-end collision sent her hands though the dashboard of her car and her head into  the windshield.  The paramedics were concerned, and rightly so, about the head wound, but Bobbi’s concern was her hands and would she be able to use them to create!  Every bone in her hands were fractured and after a long recovery, she was pushed to try wire wrapping.  Bobbi was hooked!  She says that even after 23 years, she can still look at what she creates and be amazed that it came from her, wire, and pliers!

Bobbi now lives happily with her work…good thing too since she spends 12-18 hours per day on her business and hasn’t had a vacation for 4 ½ years!  She readily admits that she puts in more into her business that she ever did working for someone else but wouldn’t change anything about it.  She lives with her younger brother and roommate of 15 years.  She also shares her space with 2 dogs and a cat as well as 8 talking parrots!  Apparently when one bird starts chattering they all join in…chaos?  Maybe, but what happy chaos!

Bobbi much prefers creating to marketing, but know that if you are going to make a living, then both must be done…the trick is finding time to do it all!  The most difficult part, which is amazing for such a creative soul, is the listing process.  Bobbi readily admits to having trouble writing the “pretty” descriptions that take a piece beyond metal type and size information.  She is proud of her work, and has every right to be, but finds the words hard to come by.  She has done a few craft shows, but has found that that scene may not be for her, so she sticks primarily to online selling.

When asked what type of advice she would offer those looking to her example and selling their creations she stated that “If you do decide to take a bash at it, you have work at it, and for it. I believe one of the biggest requirements, is you have to love what you do – you can’t just be in it for the money. Yes, money is nice, and necessary, but it can’t be your only motivation, at least in my opinion. I enjoy making every piece I make – when I don’t enjoy it anymore, I don’t make it anymore. If I have to force myself to make it, it’s just not worth it. I know several wire artists who look at some of what I do, and say “I can’t do that – it’s too much work, there isn’t enough profit in it for me”. I think that’s sad – and hope I never get to that place. It also makes them a “manufacturer” not an “artist” – another place I don’t want to be.”

Now that you have a glimpse of the amazing lady behind the stunning art, check her out!  She is super easy to find online on the HandmadeArtistsShop Etsy, Artfire , Tutorials on Artfire and Zibbet .  You can find her on FaceBook in two places http://facebook.com/MyWiredImagination and http://www.Facebook.com/BobbiMaw .  You can check out her blog  and http://www.KarmaWired.blogspot.com as well as on Flickr.  Before you start working through the list, be prepared to be amazed.  This talented artist is definitively one that will amaze you.

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