Roxys Rox

With a name like RoxysRox, what else could she possibly sell (and don’t tell me rocks) other than jewelry?  Roxy found her love for creating jewelry a bit later in life, but that did not stop her from jumping in!  In fact, she recently found out that her mother also used to create jewelry before she passed.  Guess the creative gene was passed down to Roxy herself.

Roxy is a wife, to what she calls the most wonderful man in the world, for the last 25 ½ years, mother to five children and grandmother to five grandchildren.  Her family is a wonderful way for filling her days, in addition to gardening and cruising on ATVs with her husband around scenic North Idaho where she currently lives when they have time.

Roxy began her creative journey by buying a kit of polymer clay to play with and was instantly hooked.  She soon found other creative outlets which include chainmaille and, more recently, bead embroidery.  Roxy loves to whip up earrings since they are quick from start to finished product allowing her to move on to the next creative design.

Roxy began selling to her coworkers and soon learned that she had a flair for design.  This quickly led to more creations and eventually a business, RoxysRox!  One of the rewards that Roxy has found through selling her jewelry creations is that she gets to see all the ooohs and aaaahs when people find a piece that they can’t live without.  Of course, there are also pitfalls, such as being a one woman show, so that production is only as fast as her fingers can make them.  She would love to eventually jump into the craft show circuit, so soon those lucky people in her local area will get to see her full collection first hand.

Roxy is encouraging to other artists saying that though it takes a lot of patience and work, there is no reason why you can’t follow your dream.  While it won’t happen overnight, it can happen with work and perseverance. 

Are you ready to see more of this creative lady’s work?  Well, you can check her out on the HandmadeArtistsShop of course in addition to her Artfire shop as well as her Zibbet page .  If you want to be updated when new designs are ready for viewing and buying, you can follow Roxy on Twitter 

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