Nancy’s WildWireArt Studio

I am Nancy Pace an artist passionate about love, life, art, nature, especially gemstones. Recently I am intrigued with the gemstones given special mention in the Bible and plan to study those and incorporate them in to my pieces.
How long have I been an artist? Always forever and a day! My inspiration comes from my dreams, sleeping or awake I use what I see to create my art.
I like to say I use my wire and stones like a paintbrush on canvas. I also enjoy writing stories,
fairy tales. I frequently combine the two by writing out my story in the description of my jewelry pieces like the Shaman Necklace or the Jade Owl Necklace.
I have a wonderful supportive hubby (Steve) who built my studio for me and treats me to new tools I long for or more stones I want when I am short on funds. He applauds my successes and consoles me when I fail to reach a goal. Thanks to his generous support I am pursuing my dreams. I have been playing with metal and stones for about three years now and it has been a total revelation to know I had a talent for designing and creating art jewelry.

I am a self taught artist I’ve never had an art class, and I have really enjoyed my journey so far….I have many more mountains to climb and hurdles to jump,but I feel totally energized and ready to face any challenge!
My dream for the next part of my journey is to be able to help other artists discover and develop their potential. I am most interested in teaching folk art skills, make do art. I am committed to being as green as possible and helping preserve our natural resources. I believe when you are given a gift, a talent it’s a true privilege and meant to be shared.

Nancy’s WildWireArt Studio


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