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There is something so special about a true family generational business. You know that the passion goes deeper than just creating beautiful things; that there is a family blood line full of knowledge and talent that runs through each piece. When you find a family that has passed on their knowledge from one generation to the next, you can trust that their methods are tried and true and taking part in a passion of a family.

Vol Woods began working with leather and saddles out of necessity.  His family worked cattle and road daily.  His uncles and father would pass along old saddles to him that he would have to rework and fix in order to make them rideable.  This talent ended up helping Vol to pay his way through college.  This working with saddles gradually and quite naturally led to him working with leather in the form of belts, bags and wallets…all utilizing his skill with leather.

As time moved on, Vol passed on his knowledge of leather work to his daughter Debra.  Debra would spend time with her father jokes that he “passed on everything he knew and she still doesn’t know anything” to his daughter about leather working.  Debra did not stop with leather, but learned to sew, knit and do embroidery from her mother.  She combined this wonderful talent to help make Woods Saddlery what it is today.

This family business has grown to include Debra’s husband and twin sons.  They all currently live on their ranch and still work with cattle as well as run Woods Country Inn as a bed and breakfast.

Some learn a skill from a family member, but the passion is not their.  For Debra, the passion of leather work has remained, especially the thrill of coming up with a new design…and what artist doesn’t understand that?!?

Woods Saddlery sells mostly from their shop inWestville,OK; but has occasionally been known to frequent rodeos, craft fairs, and chuck wagon races which sounds like such a trip!  They work hard to get their name out there, which is also the best advice they can give to new and upcoming handmade artists.  They also advise newbies to really think about their business and start slowly.  Make informed choices about product and advertising and get your name out there every chance that you get.

Are you ready to see what a family of amazing leather artists can produce?  Well, don’t happen to live in Oklahoma, you can still find them on the HandmadeArtstsShop as well as on their own website.  You will surly be stunned at the variety of high fashion bags and belts that would fit anywhere from the street of New Yorkto the  cattle ranches of Oklahoma!

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