Featured Artists Debbie and John of ThunderRoseLeather

Because ItsBetterHandmade and HandmadeArtists is a husband and wife team, finding other couples that live a life of art together touches my heart! Not to say that there are not ups and downs of being a couple and business partners, but when you find a couple that makes it work, such as Debbie and John, […]

On Fire Shout Out Doin it with Leather
handmade leather

HA Shop Shout Outs Doin’ it with Leather HA Shop Shout Out Doin’ it with Leather 3 new shops that are filled with leather creations! You will find beautiful creations by beautiful people! Be sure to stop by their shops to see for yourself! Creative Pet Collars Bling Bling for your pets! Customized Leather Creations […]

Happy World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day! A day where we celebrate all things turtle! If you can’t go appreciate a turtle personally, may I suggest that you just appreciate these amazing handmade creations from some of the gifted artists on HandmadeArtists.com! Turtle Stone Pendant Necklace on Quartz Want to show your love of turtles with amazing style? Easy […]

Welcome to the End of the World Handmade Style

We all know that many believe that today, December 21, the world will come to an end…so why not take it out with a bang and celebrate with handmade! Custom Tooled Flames Leather Billfold Wallet First there will be flames engulfing all we hold dear….don’t think they will be nearly as stylish as the flames […]

Featured Artist Woods Saddlery
White black purse

There is something so special about a true family generational business. You know that the passion goes deeper than just creating beautiful things; that there is a family blood line full of knowledge and talent that runs through each piece. When you find a family that has passed on their knowledge from one generation to […]

Featured Artist SwedArt
SwedArt Bracelet

Adventurous spirit seems to be ingrained in so many handmade artists. They see the world through different eyes, looking for an opportunity to experience new adventures and materials feeds their soul. Margareta Lidsklog embodies this idea better than anyone I have ever met! She has proudly bungee jumped on top of an 8,000 ft mountain […]

Creative Pet Collars Handmade Creations

Fact…people love to spoil their pets!There are many people that spend immense amounts of money and time looking for that perfect pet bowl, outfit, bedding or collar.What one tends to run into, unfortunately, is the same old same old in large box stores. So what does a creative soul do when they want something unique […]

Spread the Love November 2 – November 8

Time to Spread the Love for the first week of November. We are getting into the Christmas shopping season, lets help this weeks HAFTeam members get their names out to the masses to make this the best shopping season for everyone.   Monday, November 2 http://mailleetc.etsy.com/ Greetings, and welcome to Maille Etc, where you’ll find kits, tools, […]


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