Celebrate the Equinox
Sterling Silver Pendant

The Autumnal Equinox has just occurred and the fall season has officially begun. With the advent of this season my creative muse has taken on a new vigor. Starting with the original form of silver smithing — wire wrapping, I made a pendant with a cobalt colored druzy agate in the center of the wire […]

Advancing My Art

The shop continues, Debora is doing the bead work, she keeps very busy and her work is fantastic.  She labors over each bracelet, anklet, pair of earrings and necklace.  She has great ability to create and design this work.  She loves creating pieces that have a great combination of colors.  While she continues her work, […]

Why I Knot Between the Beads

Knotting between the beads is important for a variety of reasons. Bead stringing, properly speaking, is a form of rigging. Where a knot is placed, it strengthens the cord three-fold. Consequently, if cord with a tensile strength of 17lbs. The cord is strengthened to 51lbs.10lb-test becomes 30lbs, etc. Thus, it secures the beads. This is […]

How to Take Great Pictures of Handmade Jewelry Unique Earrings Handcrafted Bracelets

Great photography is a necessity when you have a handmade jewelry website. Unfortunately, handcrafted jewelry is very difficult to photograph. Many jewelry artisans cannot afford to go to a professional and so they want to do it themselves. There are some simple techniques that even amateur photographers can use to obtain better results with minimal […]

Necklaces, Necklaces, Necklaces

For the recent past, I have been almost exclusively making pendants and necklaces.  The most recent have involved beading, silversmithing, stone setting, lapidary, design and several other techniques.  This pendant was inspired by the rock crystal cabochon that is the focal spot of the pendant.  It is internally flawless.  Using sheet Sterling Silver, I sawed […]

Coming Soon the HAFshop gets a Face lift!
Handmade Face Lift

Just a quick little teaser, the Handmade Artists’ Shop is going through a face lift from top to bottom. Any way the existing HAFshop is ready for a new look and feel. We are starting completely from scratch. We have went into private development and are about halfway through. We hope to  relaunch before the […]

Music Inspired Contest

Well this is our second forum wide contest we have hosted and once again we have pushed our artists to their limits . The idea of the music inspired challenge was to have a song or a certain type of music inspire our artists to create a piece that reflects how the music affects them. […]

Bead Weaving by Hanny Beads
hanny beads

Over the top? Or just right, I guess it depends on the person. All I know is that Hanny Beads makes some amazing pieces of art in the forum of jewelry for the most part. Hailing for the Czech Republic of Chornice and a mother of 4 this jewelry artist does not mess around. Her […]

Haffina Creations – Amazing Talent, Amazing Person

I know that there is plenty of talented people in the world; there are many that are multitalented, now imagine finding a multitalented Australian mother of 5 (yes, you read that right…5 kids!) and still finding time to follow her passion for creating beautiful things from beads and Polymer clay! Haffina is just such a […]

The Road Less Traveled with Gravel Road Jewelry

There is so much jewelry on the market that it can be difficult to find that unique piece…until now!  ErikaLyn, founder and creative power behind Gravel Road Jewelry and self taught jewelry artist, has created a line of sterling silver jewelry that will definitely get you noticed. Gravel Road Jewelry combine the beauty of sterling […]


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