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What do you picture when you think of a 70 year old wife, mother of 5, and grandmother of 8? Rocking chairs and bingo, I do NOT think so! Claudia is just such a woman with a life many would envy. She has 3 acres of land outside of Cleveland which she shares with her darling husband while raising and showing English Mastiff dogs! On top of that, Claudia makes bags and totes that are to die for as well as Pooch Coats!


Claudia has been sewing for her entire adult life and credits her artistic side to her very talented family who encouraged her to cultivate her talents.  She even carried this love of creation to her work, holding positions such as promotions manager at a major mall and creating marketing programs.  Claudia has designed websites for her own business and for the benefit of her furry companions.  Don’t ever let anyone say Grandma can’t do it all!


Claudia gets giddy as new projects develop.  She aims to make pieces that is not only beautiful to look at, but beautiful in composition…turning out a high quality bags and totes as well as Pooch Coats that the new owner is proud to show off.  This should be the goal for all handmade artists, but you can truly see it in Claudia’s work.  She started selling at the urging of her son and daughters and ExcesssBagsNMore was born.  She currently shows off her creations online as well as at local craft fairs (wonder if she brings her puppies?  That would certainly attract attention!).


This talented lady understands the ups and downs of selling handmade.  While there are times of great sales there are also times of drought and Claudia rolls with the punches like the best of them.  She is currently working on a new line in order to expand her audience.  She also advises new sellers to have patience, patience, patience!  “Don’t let slow times influence your creativity” is probably the most practical advice I’ve heard given in a while.


Ready to feast your eyes on what a talented grandma with a thing for huge dogs can turn out?  Well, if you are not lucky enough to live close enough to visit Claudia at a craft fair you can find her on the HandmadeArtistsShop as well as on her own website.  You can also keep up with her latest adventures on Facebook.




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