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alaskabaskets's Profile


Simone Martin, artisan of Alaska Baskets is of Russian Yup'ik descent and native to Alaska. Associates Degree in Fine Art Photography. Professionally trained Graphic Artist.

Known for twenty years as a Pysanky (wax resist dye) Egg Artist, as another cultural expression of her Russian/Yupik Ancestry, she sold in many fine galleries, and participated in Arts & Humanities Programs and Workshops in her area.

She was casually introduced to a traditional Tlingit basket twining method as a child, and found the craft fascinating. However, it was only within the last couple years that she studied basketry formally under a Master Basket Weaver of the SW Native style, similar to Alaska Native - Tlingit and Yupik twining, and became known for this work.

At present Simone is flourishing artistically and has developed a distinctive, contemporary design and style which reflects her reverence for nature, the indigenous people which surround her and the land she calls home.

Her Fine Art specialties include:

Twined Waxed Linen & Bead Baskets Coiled Waxed Silk & Bead Baskets Coiled Waxed Silk & Bead Necklaces with Earrings Coiled Waxed Silk, Bead & Feather dance fans Egg Art - Decorative and Jewelry

In 2011, Simone's artwork is featured in several galleries Statewide in Alaska under the label Alaska Baskets and Artisan Products. Simone has been an Independent Artist (actively selling work on private commission and business consignment) for a cumulative total of over 25 adult years.

Simone also features her husband, Bradley Martin's basketry in her collections, and his work is represented distinctively in Alaska Baskets under the division Bradley Baskets. Bradley is a fine craftsman who works proficiently in several mediums on a variety of different projects, ranging from woodworking, boat building, boat modeling, knife making, metal bending, bead work and basketry, all in his spare time! He has often been an inspiration and support to his wife!

Alaska Baskets may be purchased at any of the finer retailers found listed below. You may also contact Simone Martin at alaska.baskets@gmail.com for special commissions or customized baskets or eggs.

Her work may be found at the following shops and galleries within the State of Alaska:

Alaska Crafters - Wasilla, AK;

June Pardue Studios - Anchorage, AK;

Talkeetna Lodge Gift Shop - Talkeetna, AK;

Dedman's Photo and Gifts - Skagway, AK;

Artist Cove Gallery - Sitka, AK;

Alaska Rods & Gifts - Haines, AK

And you may review past, present and future work here on the net:

Alaska Baskets Blog - http://www.alaskabaskets.biz/

Alaska Baskets on DeviantArt - http://alaskabaskets.deviantart.com/

Alaska Baskets on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/alaskabaskets

Alaska Bsskets on Skill Pages - http://www.skillpages.com/alaska.baskets

Female, Born on February 3

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